jasoncwoodson: Sadao Hasegawa (長谷川 サダオ Hasegawa Sadao?, 1945(?) – November 20, 1999) was a prominent Japanese graphic artist specializing in male erotica. His work is notable for superb technical skills, elaborate fantastic settings (occasionally reminiscent of William Blake), and for incorporating Japanese, Indian, South-East Asian and African mythology. While focusing on depictions of muscular male physique, Hasegawa often turns to […]

gaymanga: Photographs from Otoko: Photo-Studies of the Young Japanese Male, 1972 by Tamotsu Yato (矢頭保) In its 85 photographs, Otoko pushed the boundaries of public decency, established a new vocabulary for homoerotic art, and presented Japanese manhood in a way it had never quite been pictured before. Richard Hawkins has written a fascinating, detailed history of Tamotsu […]