archatlas: The Last Shopkeepers In the words of the artist Francesco Pergolesi: Temple guardians of a little vanishing world, brave and full of passion, they valiantly defend the meeting places for human exchange and relationships, set in unpretentious frames, nibbled by the passing of time. As survivors on a tiny damaged raft , they face restlessness […]

archatlas: Landscapes of Transylvania In the words of the artist Alex Robciuc: I captured these photos during my journeys through the Maramures (a small county in Transylvania, Romania). The landscapes I photographed in this region are serene and tranquil. Currently, I see my photographic style as traditional landscape photography. I like to use the rich morning […]

archatlas: Contrived Structures Nick Sellek This series of photographs are of detailed models, embracing the contrived structures that surround us in our overdeveloped urban environments. They are close up, exaggerated studies of architectural components, severed from context to emphasise the absurdity of their design. The models are also intended to be displayed as freestanding objects, […]